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Bathroom cabinet industry trends of monopoly, private customized to topic
Resulting in flooded bathroom cabinet industry, the main reasons are the following aspects:
      1¡¢Bathroom cabinet industry threshold is too low, fixed asset investment is not great. Some workshop factory owner, 80,000 yuan to dare to try half bathroom cabinet factory.
      2¡¢Bathroom cabinet low-tech, simple production process, are not even die. Is a typical labor-intensive industries. Some small artisanal factory, please a few carpentry and painting master, on the bathroom counter, of course, the quality of products but also a different matter.
      3¡¢Some investors did not do a detailed investment budget, nor for market research, lookout follow up, blind investment.
      4¡¢Some furniture, cabinets industry manufacturers, due to the furniture, cabinets industry more competitive, lower profits, have to switch production of bathroom cabinet.
With the advantage of their own technology and devices in the market place. Some do shower room, steam room leisure sanitary and ceramic pots manufacturers, in order to broaden their industry chain, so that their products have complementary strengths to the outside plant them or the OEM or their own production, but also have a bathroom cabinet this project. They rely on their existing marketing network, enter the market.
      5¡¢Riding a tiger "chicken factory" Haiku irresolute in the bathroom cabinet this industry, to survive in the cracks. Has been on the project, but the absence of follow-up funding, did not establish a stable sales network, or no financial resources to establish sales networks, or for other reasons frustration, continue to do so temporarily unprofitable, there is competition out of the market unfortunately. In order to survive, dying, big price war, think the market put a lot of low-priced products, to disrupt market conditions and competitive order, resulting in a vicious competition.           Since many of the above factors, the small brand bathroom cabinet manufacturer to enter the industry due to lack of funds innate ability to resist risks poor; in addition, if investors lack the sense of quality brand awareness, and do not do brand marketing experience and ability, acquired dysplasia. Just a slight change in the external environment, they will have to bankruptcy. Is surviving, but also often "enough", or eat on the meal, I do not know his next meal, often broken.
      History of the development of other domestic industries could also prove this trend, take the appliance industry and communications industry development process is sufficient to prove. Household appliances industry, it was only now survive: Changhong, Haier, Hisense, and several other major brands. Communications industry so far, the main market is still by China Mobile and China Unicom two giant pain.
      Analysis of the bathroom cabinet industry development direction of private customized or into the mainstream
      This is an era of personalization, personalized consumer products began to have strong demand. The brand style convergence, the difference narrowing in the bathroom so that gradually weakened market competitiveness of enterprises, but also caused the loss of consumers. Currently, people are becoming personalized new concept of consumption, sanitary enterprises smuggling people into the market more easily customize the route.
      Personalized, private or as a "bathroom bashing"
     In this era of anything to talk about personality, popularity is very difficult to blindly rely on to meet customer demand, but also become a hinder certain brand of sustainable development. In this case, the brand wanted to cater to most people's appetite has become difficult.
      The terminal needs to brand development market
      Recently, the brand customization quietly rampant, star attended the event, no longer fight the brand, the fight is customizable. Recently, Xiao Bian building materials into the mall, I saw the sign "private to enjoy customized" on the wooden cube bathroom cabinet. Toilet sizes, but also determines their products increasingly require private customized to meet the end-market demand is an important foundation for brand development of the market.
      Quality is not covered but self speak logo
      Personalized merchandise to meet the needs of some consumers. A small minority, it is becoming a new concept of consumption. People are increasingly felt: quality is not covered logo, but self-personality fit.
      Channel breakdown product segments
The rapid development of the Internet, so that people become diversified shopping channels, but also to traditional marketing methods become decentralized, many traditional sales market is divided, marketing channel is weakened. It is precisely this weakening, promoting market segments. Marketing decentralized so that some brands out of the market, but also to be able to use personalized brand to find new business opportunities based on the market. A distinctive characteristic of win, with unique personality gained self development.
      Art is no longer just the product but has
Today has been a seller's market into a buyer's market, consumer demand for commodities has not only satisfied if it is famous, are more concerned about whether the brand personality, whether for self-taste. The eyes of consumers become & ldquo; & rdquo ;, harsh future, the brand did not style, will make your customers less and less, and have a style, it will only let you have part of the customer. According to Xiao Bian understand, wood cubic bathroom cabinet size can be customized products in addition to outside the bathroom counters are made of wood materials, marble countertops and finishes can be selected, so you have no longer a product, but art.
Throughout the development of foreign brands, the brand aimed at a certain part of the population, with rich features brand to attract customers, take the personality route, not on price. So as to ensure stability of the customer while developing new customers.
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