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Monk little more meat sanitary enterprises to seize the market
      Sanitary industry overcapacity long time, coupled with the property market downturn led to market demand plummeted, "Monk little more than gruel" situation encourages consumers gradually grasp market initiative. Moment, sanitary ware market is gradually tilted the balance to the buyer, some established rules are being broken, "buyer's era" has come, a single yardstick to lower consumer sales change also quietly.      To attract consumers to green
      With rising living standards, health, consumer awareness has improved markedly in the bathroom market, green products have become the first choice of consumers. In this context, as patients with severe environmental sanitary industry, the more the need to improve their technology, improve product environmental degrees. The only way to use environmental health slogans attract more consumers, only greener bathroom products is consistent with the modern consumer expectations.
      Let sanitary products, "value for money"
     With sanitary industry competition intensifies, prices continue to transparency, particularly after the financial turmoil, sanitary products consumption by the "emotional spending" to "rational consumption" has become the most significant characteristics of the current market. With the return of consumers to rational consumption, sanitary product design style is more emphasis on simplicity and utility, bathroom companies need to improve the product cost as a starting point for product development, to provide consumers with "value for money," the high cost of sanitary products.
      To ensure product quality to retain customers
      It is well known in the competitive sanitary ware market, whether new or old business enterprise, you want to win need to start from the quality of products, in order to quality for the king of the sanitary industry, quality is the right to speak, quality will be recognized by the market, have access to market share. In the era of rampant chaos of product quality, to ensure the loyalty of consumers, it must first ensure product quality. For consumers, sanitary products are not required to replace the product at any time, so more will those who choose good quality. Therefore, sanitary companies only provide quality and reliable products to retain users.
      In this era of the consumer is king, only to understand consumers can make sales. In the production and marketing process, companies must grasp the sanitary consumer demand, production times and more fit consumer products, first-class production-quality low-cost products, the product can really do consumer hearts.
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